A unique concept in Quebec and around the world

Our Quebec-based company was created by two young entrepreneurs determined to bring a positive solution to the lives of people who menstraute – and to our planet. They were dedicated to creating a new reusable menstrual protection solution, an innovation that’d finally take on “the empire of tampons and disposable pads” once and for all.

So they designed cotton underwear with a thin layer of absorbent fabric and space for removable and reusable pads, which they sell in threes with each pair of undies. The pads can be changed throughout the day – whatever your flow desires!(How it works.)

It’s this special design that gives Mme L’Ovary’s period undies their advantage! For every pair of Mme L’Ovary undies, you’d have to buy 3 menstrual undies from another brand to get the same amount of protection.

Committed co-founders

Olivia Elting and Erica Athena Lebrun are the two passionate women helming the start-up. Their N°1 mission is to create a healthier future for people and the planet. Every year, 45 billion sanitary pads are thrown into landfills and oceans around the world.

Erica and Olivia are actively involved in promoting eco-friendly alternatives and changing the overall perception of menstruation via their conferences,Red Tables, campaigns, social media presence, and more.

At the political level, they’ve met with various ministers in Ottawa to push for a new government bill that could see period protection funded in workplaces. At the same time, their campaign #sangdéchet,which they successfully presented to the City of Montreal in January 2020, is a push for cities to offer grants for reusable period protection. Some cities and boroughs are already on board.

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January 2018: SocioFinance campaign on Ulule; the campaign’s goal was exceeded by 894%, generating a total of $45,000 and the prestigious Big Jump Prize.

January 2018: Finalist in the Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards.

March 2018: Multiple media broadcasts on shows like Dragon’s Den, L’Express.fr, TV5Monde,etc.

July 2018: SME Stock Exchange Montreal.

April 2019: Montreal Stock Exchange Inc.

May 2019: Along with 19 other global delegations,Mme L’Ovary was a member of the Canadian delegation to the G20YEAin Japan and promoted the theme of sustainable economics.

October 2019: Winner of the Innovation Award as part of Quebec’s Waste Reduction Week.

January 2020: Winner of the Honorary Scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

January 2020: Presentation of recommendations at the Greater Montreal Commission’s public meeting regarding the 2020–2025 Master Plan for the Management of Residual Materials. Our recommendations were adopted in May 2020. Learn more about the #sangdechet movement.

March 2020: Finalist at the Mercuriades for the Succession Award, Exceptional Woman Energy Valero.

May 2020: Winner of the J.Bombardier Award – Scholarship of Excellence for The Next Generation of Entrepreneurial Women.

November 2020: Quebec Business Women’s Award – New Entrepreneur.

March 2021: Eco-friendly distinction from Les Pages Vertes.