Laundry capsules for menstrual underwear

Our laundry capsules were created specifically for taking care of your resuable period panties and removable pads.

❁ Soak your undies in a basin of cold water

❁ Add a laundry capsule to get the blod out (let your undies soak for 10 to 15 minutes)

❁ Then add your undies and pads to your next load of laundry!

For all types of reusable menstrual protection

Whatever the brand!

Our capsules will give your period undies a gentle, luxurious wash so they last longer! We want to encourage people who menstruate to take care of their undies and choose more responsible products that respect the planet.

Psst. Hey, you! What’re you wearing right now?

→ Washable pads

→ Menstrual undies (from some other brand)

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Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

The Shorty & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 64.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

The Bikini & 3 pads- Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 64.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

The Boxy & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 69.95
CAN$ 69.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

Menstrual Lace Panty : The Lacy & 3 pads

CAN$ 67.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

The Thongy – Menstrual Panties

CAN$ 39.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Nuit

The Nighty – Menstrual Overnight Panty

CAN$ 49.95
CAN$ 54.95

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