Goodbye to the mountains of waste generated each month by our pads and tampons.

Every year, 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons accumulate on earth and in our oceans. A pad worn for 3-4 hours will take 450 years to decompose… in the environment.

An undesirable legacy for future generations!


Goodbye to unbreathable synthetic materials as well as the small unsightly plastic wings that stick out of our panties!

What could be more unpleasant than lingering wetness that comes back once a month!

Mme L’Ovary’s panties are made entirely of absorbent cotton, a natural fibre that breathes and adapts itself to the shape of our body for maximum comfort.


Say goodbye to expenses every month and shopping at the local pharmacy at the last minute.

The difference between Mme L’Ovary panties and tampons/pads is that it is washable, reusable, AND durable. We buy it once and it’s good for years!


Goodbye to those toxic chemicals found in disposable tampons and pads that end in our body.

Less smell

We must especially not associate our menstrual blood with a smelly and embarrassing waste!

Strong or unpleasant odours associated with our menstruation are produced when blood comes into contact with synthetic materials (such as plastic) contained in sanitary pads or tampons.

When blood comes into contact with natural fibers such as cotton, the smell is much softer and more neutral.


The first try of your product. The price made me hesitate but I ended buying it and now knowing that it is so comfortable, high quality, and easy to maintain, I would have bought it earlier. All girls should use your products!!!

Marie-France G.

Super beautiful model!

I’m allergic to tampons. They were giving me lots of headaches. I had been using the diva cup for several years, but Mme L’ovary’s underwear changed my periods. It’s great and the model is super beautiful.

Carine T.

Beautiful values.

Products of excellent quality and beautiful values created at home in Quebec.
More comfortable than anything you could imagine!
France T.