What makes Mme L'Ovary unique?

Each pair Mme L'Ovary daytime undies includes 3 removable pads, so you can stay dry in the same pair all day long. You can change your pads as the day progresses and according to your flow. In other words, just one pair of Mme L'Ovary's daytime undies is equivalent to 3 pairs from another brand. Mme L'Ovary's producrts are practical, economic, and, well, awesome!

How do you choose the right size?
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In the product descriptions of every item we stock, you can find a size guide that shows the measurements associated with each size.

What about the smell?

Strong odours are produced when blood comes into contact with synthetic materials like plastic. The reaction between our blood and the chemical components in sanitary pads or tampons is what's responsible for those strong smells you sometimes notice. It's super important not to associate your menstrual blood with smelly and embarrassing waste! When blood comes into contact with natural fibres like cotton, the smell is way softer and more neutral. What are we trying to say? It's simple. You've got nothing to worry about if you're wearing a pair of Mme L'Ovary's menstrual panties.

If I already use a menstrual cup, do I need Mme L'Ovary?

You betcha! Mme L'Ovary is every menstrual cup's best friend, an ideal COMPLEMENT or even an outright replacement! With our undies, you can choose when you want to let your blood flow out naturally – no need for a foreign object to collect it inside you. Go that route, and not only will you likely feel pretty liberated, you’ll also get fewer menstrual cramps. And even if you do wear your cup throughout the day, it’s always nice to get a break at night. According to Health Canada and several gynecologists, you shouldn’t leave a menstrual cup inside your vagina for more than 4 to 6 hours. Something to think about! For more information on why you might want to choose menstrual panties over menstrual cups, Check this out!

Can Mme L'Ovary's panties be used for incontinence or minor bladder incidents?

Mme L'Ovary's undies can be used in cases of mild incontinence, meaning you don't have to worry about those itsy-bitsy oopsies! But we don't recommended them for severe incontinence.

Can I use them if I have a heavy flow?

Yep! We design our undies for all types of flows. The only thing is that people who have heavy flows will change their removable pads more often than people with moderate or light flows. We also offer MAXI pads to anyone looking to boost their protection during heavier flow days. Our products can be easily tailored to fit your needs! Everyone uses them differently based on their flow, lifestyle, and sense of comfort.

Are your undies effective during postpartum?

Yep! Depending on your flow.

During those early days after you give birth, your flow can be pretty heavy. When that happens, you've got two options:

After a few days, your flow should ease off.

Once that happens, you can switch to our daytime panties, which come with three removable pads (each with absorption equivalent to a regular pad). You'll be able to change pads according to your flow and sense of comfort!

After the sun goes down, our nighttime period panties offer protection that can go hours without being changed. (absorption equivalent to a MAXI pad)

If you've had a caesarean section: Thanks to a lot of great feedback from our community, we can now suggest which styles you should use if you've had a C-section. The Highty and the Highty Nighty have higher waistbands than some of our other styles, so they won't irritate your scar. The Lacy alsohas a higher and softer waistband, so they're cozy around your hips.

How many pairs do I need to get through my cycle?

That really depends on

Calendrier FAQ Mme L'Ovary

the duration of your cycles

flux menstruel

Whether your flow is light, moderate, or heavy

travail bureau ou maison

Your lifestyle (do you work from home or in an office?)

fréquence lavage culotte menstruelle

How often you do laundry


Your budget

Are Mme L'Ovary's panties suitable for teenagers?

Menstrual undies help young teenagers make a smooth and simple transition in life. Mme L'Ovary's underwear was designed to avoid toxic shock and respect the balance of the vaginal flora. For more information, here's our guide to better choosing the size and style of menstrual undies for teens. If you have any questions, we can be reached at any time at (438) 701-9742.

Washing and maintenance

How do I wash and take care of my Mme L'Ovaries?
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You clean them just like normal undies, except you take 1 extra step: rinse them in cold water. It's as simple as that! See the maintenance guide for more details.

Should I wash my undies before wearing them for the first time?

Yep, that's always preferable because we handle them a lot when we make them and put them in our classy little carrying bags.

The bottom of my undies are getting discoloured. Is that normal?

Yep! Discoloration of both your pad and panties is normal. Nothing to stress about! It's caused by acid from your mucus membranes and menstrual blood. And guess what? Acidic vaginal secretions are a sign of good health! You can consult your doctor or gynecologist to get more information or to have your vaginal pH tested.

For more info on how to wash your L'Ovaries, check this out.

Ordering and shipping

I've already placed my order but want to make a change! How do I do that? Am I too late?

If you make a mistake on your order, as long as we haven't shipped it, you can still make a change. Contact us directly (and quickly!)) at [email protected]

How long does shipping take?

Estimated delivery time for Quebec is 3-7 days. For Canada and the United States, it's 5-10 days. For Europe, it's between 5-45 days depending on the delivery method.

Deliveries in Canada and the United States are made through your local post office.

I don't see any taxes on your products. Is that normal?

Yep! We're proud to announce that feminine hygiene products, which includes Mme L'Ovary's undies, are now TAX-EXEMPT in Quebec and Canada.Cool, eh? Here's the text of the law: "As of July 1, 2015, the GST and QST will no longer apply to products marketed exclusively for feminine hygiene. The supply of sanitary pads, tampons, sanitary belts, menstrual cups or other similar products will therefore be zero-rated."

Can I get a subsidy for my purchase?

Yes! Well, that's a "yes" in some jurisdictions. Depending on where you live, your municipality might offer a rebate on a portion of your purchases of sustainable menstrual products, and those include Mme L'Ovary's awesome lineup.

Check out more info on these programs:

A list of municipalities that offer subsidies.

What's your return and guarantee policy?

Our return policy allows you to exchange unworn and unwashed items. Read our terms and conditions on our Return Policy page. Mme L'Ovary's undies have been designed with expertise, love, and great attentionpaid to meet your needs and desires (obviously!). But if you feel that we can improve some aspect of what we do, don't hesitate to share your experience with us. If something went wrong, we'll remedy the situation in the best possible way. Reluctant to take that step? Here's a little help! 😉

Which currencies do you accept?

On our website, several currencies are available. When you go to pay, your currency will be converted to Canadian dollars based on the current exchange rate.

I live abroad. Can I still place an order?

You sure can!
For Europe, delivery is free on any order of 90 € or more. And for Canada and the United States, delivery is free on any order of $125 or more!

Don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected] for more information on delivery outside Canada.

Does the purchase price cover customs taxes for international customers?

Our prices don't include local taxes, customs duties, brokerage fees, or VAT.

For example, they can be between 5 € and 10 € for products bought from France.

For the United States, there are no customs fees for orders under USD800.

Be sure to inquire about the applicable fees in your country in case your package is held at customs. We recommend you take all possible costs into account before placing your order.

Is shipping free?
  • Canada and the United States: Free shipping on purchases over $125 after discount.
  • Europe: Free delivery on any order of 90€ or more after discount.


How long do Mme L'Ovary's undies last?

They've got the same lifespan as your "normal" panties, but here's the thing: you only wear them once a month (or maybe twice if you wear them twice in the same week). Handwashing increases their lifespan, and if you take good care of them, they should be effective for years!

Are Mme L'Ovary's undies made of organic cotton?

We offer removable pads made of 100% organic cotton, they are not dyed and are made especially for people who can't tolerate any dye. We pay close attention to the fabrics we use for fabrication. A pair 100% organic undies would have cost more, and our goal is to make our products accessible to as many people as possible. That's why Mme L'Ovary's products aren't currently made of organic cotton, but we're open to going that route in the future!

Do your fabrics contain silver nanoparticles?

Nope. We made the choice not to use chemical processes that treat fabrics with metal nanoparticles. Unlike other menstrual underwear brands, we prefer to avoid these procedures because studies have yet that prove that there's no risk to consumer health.

I have sensitive skin and problems related to dark fabrics. What are your panties made of? Are they going to irritate me?

Our undies are 94% cotton and 6% lycra. For people who are very sensitive and have problems with irritation related to dyes in underwear, we offer our 100% organic cotton removable pads, which are made without dye.

Where are our undies made? Are they from Quebec?

Mme L'Ovary is a Quebec-based initiative with a commitment to be ECO-RESPONSIBLE and ETHICAL. We design everything in Quebec, and then we go to the city of Medellin in Colombia (nicknamed the "Undies Capital" because of its many expert seamstresses!) for manufacturing, which we personally manage and supervise ourselves, in a workshop that meets ethical, social, and environmental standards. In addition, the fabrics we use are made in right there in Colombia.

How much can our undies and pads absorb compared to a tampon or sanitary pad?

Every one of Mme L'Ovary's removable pads fits into our undies and absorbs as much as regular protection. Worn alone, the undies can absorb as much as a panty liner, and that gives you a whole extra layer of protection.

Each pair of Mme L'Ovary nighttime undies is equivalent to a an overnight maxi pad and reaches higher both up front and in behind, so you're sure to feel dry when you wake up.

What makes our undies so absorbent?

We used different types of fabrics in a precise order and design to create maximum absorption We've used different types of fabrics in a specific order and design to ensure maximum absorption. Among other things, our undies are made of cotton, fleece, PUL(a material also used in cloth diapers), and absorbent fabrics.

DAY: Our daytime undies have built-in protection equivalent to a panty liner. But here's the thing: the pouch inside lets you insert removable pads to bulk up your level of protection. You can change sanitary pads as needed throughout the day.

NIGHTTIME: Our nighttime styles can be worn on their own, just the way we made 'em, because their absorbent fabrics are sewn directly inside. The absorption surface is larger and protects you both behind and in front. Whether you sleep on your back or your stomach – you can even sleep on your head! – it absorbs the equivalent of a nighttime maxi pad.

Head to our How Does It Work? page to learn more about how to use our products and the materials we use to make them.