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Menstrual Cycle Steps - Mrs. L'Ovary

Let’s talk menstrual cycle. I still remember that cloudy day of my adolescence. I was 14 years old. I was sitting on my bed, with my ideologies and my belief that I knew everything. With an empty gaze, I thought to myself, “Wow, I’ll be menstruating 12 times a year for another 40 years. All this trouble, these symptoms, this awkward burden, this pain for 40 years!” In short, a profound reality check for this woman-to-be.

17 years later … I am still sitting, this time in front of my computer to write this blog, but something has changed. Now I know that menstruation doesn’t boil down to a succession of physiological upheavals that we undergo each month.

They have a purpose, they guide us.

I now see that, knowing my body and my menstrual cycle, I am able to determine the best time to make decisions, take action, or stop and rest.

Now I know that learning to listen is to respect yourself. That it is better to follow the flow of your menstrual cycle than to paddle upstream against it! We can take control of our power and maximize our potential.

In this article, you’ll discover how to be in harmony with the four phases of your cycle, their physiological and emotional effects, as well as what they mean.


Menstruation - L'Ovary menstrual underwear

Description and symbolism

The first step is the menstruation phase associated with winter. This is when our energy is at its lowest, it is a time when we must take care of ourselves and let go, weary, but without an ounce of regret. It’s a period of mourning, sadness, and nostalgia. An ideal time to slow down and treat yourself gently.

What’s going on in our body:

If the egg isn’t fertilized, the endometrium will break down through the uterus and vagina for a period of three to seven days.

What should you do during this period?

  • Take a bath
  • Minimize physical activity
  • Be in touch with nature
  • Read
  • Take moments of solitude
  • Take naps
  • Garden
  • And happily use products like our Mme L’Ovary panties!


Pre-ovulatory - L'Ovary menstrual underwear

Description and symbolism

The follicular phase is the spring of the menstrual cycle! It embodies renewal, simplicity and clarity. It’s like a renaissance after menstruation.

Gradually, we feel a boost of energy, a desire to be productive and to accomplish tasks. We feel independent, fearless, and dare to take risks. In short, we are the Queens of the World!

It is also a time where we need to connect with others through social activities.

What’s going on in our body:

As the goal of the menstrual cycle is to create life, two things happen in the pre-ovulatory phase:

  1. Estrogen hormone secretion, which sends a signal to the vaginal mucus to thicken and prepare a cozy nest (the endometrium) for the small egg (ovule) to use as its home
  2. Secretion of a follicle-stimulating hormone that will give the control to the follicle to begin the creation of the ovule (the future small egg)
  3. During the pre-ovulatory period, cervical mucus* will be viscous and thread-like.

Did you know that cervical mucus is vaginal discharge secreted in the cervix? This whitish liquid is composed of mucus, water, and nutrients.

Cervical mucus is designed to help or hinder the movement of sperm in search of the ovum, depending on whether it has been fertilized or not. Based on your vaginal discharge, you can determine in what phase you are at in your menstrual cycle.

What to do during this period?

  • Eat iron-rich foods (to recover after blood loss during menstruation)
  • Learn something new
  • Making rational decisions
  • Start new projects
  • Open your calendar and plan activities
  • Celebrate
  • Play sports
  • Communicate and settle situations with others
  • Go out and see friends


Ovulation - L'Ovary menstrual underwear

Description and symbolism

The ovulation phase is similar to the summer phase. We’re glowing. We are at the height of our beauty. We feel a sense of trust. Our sexual appetite is overflowing. In short, it is a time for femininity and sensuality.

Although we’re still surfing the energy wave of the previous phase, it’s also a time when the maternal feeling is more present. As a result, we feel the need to take care of our loved ones and to direct this love toward others.

What’s going on in our body:

From a reproductive standpoint, the ovulatory phase is the result of the body’s efforts to create an egg that will be fertilized by a sperm and trigger pregnancy. The day of ovulation will usually take place on the 14th day, but it can also oscillate between 11 and 16 days after the first day of menstruation.

Estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels peak.

The brand-new egg is released from the follicle and will make its little way through the fallopian tube towards the endometrium (aka the cozy little nest). Our little egg will stay alive from 24 to 48 hours, anxiously waiting for sperm to fertilize it.

The cervical mucus will become thicker and elastic. The texture will be comparable to an egg white to optimize sperm movement.

What to do during this period?

  • Enjoy doing activities and going out with friends
  • Be active
  • Be active in your community, volunteer
  • Have an interview for a job or negotiate
  • Network for your career
  • Initiate and implement the projects you’ve envisioned in the Visionary or Premenstrual phase
  • Settle your bookkeeping
  • Have important discussions
  • Go out in public
  • Make love with your partner in order to create life
  • Maybe even ask someone out on a date, who knows?


Pre-Menstruating- Mrs. L'Ovary menstrual underwear

Description and symbolism

The fourth stage, the luteal phase, which is akin to autumn, takes place the days following ovulation. This is the time between ovulation and menstruation. Your energy level starts to decrease as if you were slowly going into hibernation. This period reveals the darker and introspective side of ourselves.

During this stage, a heightened sensitivity is noted, and intuition is at its peak. As our feeling is amplified, it allows us to see situations clearly as they are and to feel the unseen.

This phase gives us the gift of messages and guides us in our decision-making. . It is a good time to draw inspiration from these revelations and to express them through an artistic process such as writing, dancing, or painting. Turning to creation allows us to get through this darker period more easily and thus to avoid the process of destruction that it can generate.

What’s going on in our body:

The follicle that contained the egg disintegrates into a yellow hormone -secreting body that produces the estrogen and progesterone.

These two hormones send a signal to the endometrium (also called the uterine mucosa or small cozy nest) to prepare to receive the fertilized egg (if any).

The cervical mucus will flow in smaller amounts and be drier or pasty.

What to do during this period?


The length of the menstrual cycle is unique to everyone. Although the average duration is 28 days, it can vary between 21 and 36 days. In addition, it is possible that the same person differs from one month to the next.

How do you follow the cycle and listen to your body?

Duration of a menstrual cycle - Mrs. Ovary

First of all, take a moment each day to connect to your cycle by gaining full awareness of your condition. To do so, try meditating, walking, yoga, or doing breathing exercises.

Then, for your next period, you can start a personalized lunar notebook. Note the phases, dates, different mood changes, your temperature, your energy level, your sexual appetite, etc.! There are also apps to track your menstrual cycle.

You are now equipped to experience your period in a different way, in relation to your values and in harmony with your body.

Why not make this new awareness permanent by sharing it with the women around you and the young girls starting their menstrual cycles? It will help them avoid the feeling of discouragement that I experienced when I was 14 years old!

By sowing a small seed that will germinate in the minds of these women, you are transforming your community into a beautiful garden!

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