Why offer L’Ovary for Valentine’s Day?

Menstrual cycles return once a month.
Thanks to Mme L’Ovary’s panties, these moments can be experienced in comfort and with a clear conscience.

This revolutionary 3-in-1 design makes life a lot easier.

Find out how it works? Find out how it works?

Culottes Menstruelles de Nuit

The Nighty – Menstrual Overnight Panty

CAN$ 44.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

The Shorty & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 59.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

The Bikini & 3 pads- Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 59.95
CAN$ 159.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

Menstrual Lace Panty : The Lacy & 3 pads

CAN$ 62.95
CAN$ 10.95

Culottes Menstruelles de Jour

The Boxy & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 67.95
From: CAN$ 134.85
Happy couple wearing menstrual panties Mme L'Ovary
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Love your body and the planet!

It is the most eco-friendly and comfortable menstrual protection available.

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Helping to break the taboo of women’s health is a bold move… and we all know that love loves boldness!

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(Especially this model!)


Great products!

After a lot of hesitation, I am very satisfied with my L’Ovary underwear.

France T.


Mme L’Ovary’s panties changed my life, literally. They’re comfortable, I feel good they’re now part of my zero-waste lifestyle.

Laurence D.

Try it and adopt it!

Thank you, I am comfortable and not worried about toxic substances anymore.

Elisabeth G.

The menstrual panties that make her look forward to her period

Comfortable. Eco-friendly. Healthy. Practical. Reliable.