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Free shipping and 5% off a pair of undies

The Orgasmic Duo

The Orgasmic Duo


Free shipping and 5% off a pair of undies

The Orgasmic Basic Kit

The Orgasmic Basic Kit


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Menstrual Daytime Panties

Menstrual Lace Panty : The Lacy & 3 pads

CAN$ 67.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

The Shorty & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 64.95
CAN$ 49.95
CAN$ 64.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

The Boxy & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 69.95
CAN$ 69.95
CAN$ 54.95

Menstrual Daytime Panties

The Thongy – Menstrual Panties

CAN$ 39.95

Join a community of people who menstruate comfortable in their underwear.


I’m using the Nighty,and at last, they’re amazing: no leaks and no waking up with unpleasant surprises.
They’re clearly more comfortable than washable pads with snaps that move all the time, allowing you a break from your menstrual cup!

Mélissa C.

Completely awesome!

The first time I wore them, I was in a play, and I was being dragged through branches on stage! Not one leak!
I 100% recommend them. My period lasts 7 days, and the washing wasn’t annoying at all.
Thank you so much!

Stéfania S.

Amazing values!

Products of excellent quality fuelled by amazing values and made right here in Quebec. More comfortable than disposable or washable sanitary pads!

Julie D.

Super products!

After hesitating for quite a while, I’m very satisfied with my L’Ovary’s.
I plan on buying some more soon!
Thank you!

France T.


Mme L’Ovary panties have literally changed my life.
They’re comfortable, I feel great, and they fit with my zero waste lifestyle.

Laurence D.

Trying them is adopting them.

Thank you. I’m comfortable and not worried about toxic substances anymore.
Very soft cotton.
Day and night.

Elisabeth G.

Very practical

I have a very heavy flow, and other menstrual undies didn’t last the day. Mme L’Ovary’s Shorty and removable pads allow me to enjoy an entire day without problems and in total comfort.

Alix B.

Love them!

I’m really impressed with the Mme L’Ovary’s undies! They’re ultra-comfortable, I’m not afraid of leaks anymore. Plus, my menstrual cramps are less intense now that I can get a break from my cup.

Paméla M.

A best-in-class discovery

These panties are very nice to wear, and the protections are simple to remove and bring everywhere in their carrying bag. Really a very nice discovery!

Cloé B.