Why this guide?

One of Mme L’Ovary’s most important missions is encouraging people who menstruate to live healthy, self-sufficientcycles
while reducing their
environmental footprints .

This guide is another step in that direction.

Can I pull that off?

Hecks, yeah! All you need is the desire to tackle an inspiring, rewarding project. (And thread, of course. Oh, and a needle too!)

mère et fille mme L'Ovary
mere fille culotte menstruelle
Check out the guide

What the guide can offer you…

  • The chance to make your very own, long-lasting period undies!
  • You might also get the opportunity to talk to your teen about their first period!

So you can look after your body and its needs in a new way, we’ve also included loads of great information on menstrual cycles.

Our guide offers you an opportunity to learn more about your period by having honest, taboo-free discussions while making a great new pair of undies!

Your DIY guide includes

  • A PDF guide that teaches you every step of the process
  • A tutorial video
  • A $15 gift card

All in aplayful and aesthetically amazing universe.

The guide doesn’t require

  • experience
  • or a sewing machine!

All you need is curiosity, creativity, a needle, and a thread! It’s all apart of an amazing learning process. You’ll be able to find all the materials you need right at home. Simple, effective, and fun, our DIY guide is also an awesome gift idea! So are you ready to change the world, one pair of undies at a time?