Practical and economical

Regular menstrual undies are fine, but you have to change them when they get wet, and let’s face it, that sucks.

But over here at Mme L’Ovary, each of our daytime styles includes 3 removable pads that you can change according to your flow, and that’s without even having to take off your jeans!

That means a single pair of Mme L’Ovary’s daytime undies is equivalent to 3 regular menstrual undies,so you can wear yours and stay dry all day long.

Mme L’Ovary: a practical, economical advantage.


Each of Mme L’Ovary’s removable pads has the same effectiveness as a regular disposable pad – but they’re reusable, so come on, that’s way better!

Our daytime undies are additionally equipped with integrated protection that’s as good as a panty liner.

If your removable pad gets saturated and isn’t changed in time, the underside protector will be there to soak up your overflow!

Zero waste

Every year, 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons accumulate on land and in our oceans. A pad worn for 3–4 hours takes 450 years to decompose, and it does that wherever it happens to be.

Talk about an unacceptable legacy for future generations!

Thank you.

I just received my gift package. I tried them today and immediately approved of your eco-friendly menstrual undies!!! They’re awesome. I’m super comfortable. Thank you for this wonderful discovery.

Candy G.


Review by Julie L. on Sepember 9, 2019:Super product!!

I made my purchase a while ago, and I finally used them (first period after my pregnancy), and really, no leaks to date. The night undies are awesome and super comfortable.
Really a great way to go zero waste!!
Tiên M.

Well thought out.

Mme L’Ovary delivers expertly thought-out products! I tried other styles of reusable pads and liked them except for the snaps and the pale colour that eventually stains. No similar problem with Mme L’Ovary’s products! Very happy with the black colour and buttonless pads that fit perfectly. I so loved them!
Myriam R.