Phase 1 of the #Sangdéchet campaign is complete

With operation #sangdéchet, we encourage municipalities to offer financial assistance to citizens who buy eco-friendly alternatives like sustainable menstrual products.

Waste management has become a problematic issue for municipalities, and the solution is to reduce waste at its source. Tampons and sanitary napkins are single-use items, just like straws, utensils, and takeout containers.

Less waste is beneficial on every level, and everyone’s a winner. Instead of paying about $125 at the dump to bury 1 ton of waste, the municipality gives the same amount directly to citizens, ensuring that single-use pollutants and the cost of burying them are reduced.

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Together, we can make a big difference

Picto Terre

450 years

The amount of time it takes a tampon or pad to decompose.

pictogramme Sablier

3 to 4 hours

The average amount of time people use disposable tampons or pads.

pictogramme serviettes jetables

12 500

The average number of tampons and sanitary pads that a menstruating person uses in their life.

pictogramme petite poubelle

3 kg

Disposable products per person, menstruated per year, excluding blood weight.

Pictogramme grosse poubelle

100 to 150 kg

Disposable products used by a person who menstruates throughout their life.

Pictogramme ville dechet

771 million

The number of menstrual products
used annually in Canada.

Phase 2: Take action with us

Your city, municipality, or borough doesn’t have a program? Want to get involved by taking concrete action to make sustainable menstrual products more accessible in your community? Mme L’Ovary’s a socially responsible company, and we’ve put together an awesome toolbox to support your efforts!

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