The Boxy & 3 pads – Menstrual Panty

CAN$ 69.95

These undies are worth 3 classic period undies

Why? Because it contains:
1 underwear + 3 removable pads + 1 carrier bag

For people who like to be active, the Boxy covers the top of the legs. Comfortable and completely covering, we like its more sporty style!

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The L'Ovary daytime panty contains:

  • 1 panty with thin built-in protection equivalent to a panty liner
  • 3 regular interchangeable removable pads
  • 1 anti-leak fabric carrier bag with 2 sections, 1 for the clean pads and 1 for the used ones.
  • Made of natural fibre, absorbent cotton, and waterproof layer
  • No chemicals, no silver nano-particles

Panty composition: has a thin layer of leak protection equivalent to a panty liner. It can therefore be used as it is or used with removable pads to increase the degree of absorption.

    • Cotton panties (94%) – Lycra (6%)
    • Composition of the built-in layer:
    • 1 thin 100% cotton layer
    • 1 layer of cotton fleece
    • 1 waterproof anti-leak layer

Removable pad composition (x3): each is equivalent of a conventional sanitary pad. Inserting the pad into the panties provides protection for heavy flows.

    • 1 thin 100% cotton layer
    • 3 layers of cotton fleece
    • 1 anti-leak layer

Anti-leak carrier bag composition: Whether you're in the office or at school, the anti-leak fabric carrier bag allows you to carry removable pads. It consists of 2 sections: one for clean pads and the other one for used pads. No need for a plastic bag!

    • 100% anti-leak polyester
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