The Complete Kit

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Mme L’Ovary’s most comprehensive kit of period pads and underwear will have you fully equipped for long cycles (6 or 7 days), and you won’t have to worry about doing laundry!

This period underwear kit has everything you need to experience serene menstruation from the start of your cycle all the way to the end. 

For first-class comfort, pick the size best suited to your body, and then start building a period kit that meets your wants and needs. The choice of size and style combinations is all yours!

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The Complete Underwear Kit includes:


When it comes to our period kits, we’re committed to a policy of zero nasty surprises! Mme L’Ovary’s dedicated to your health and the environment, and our period panties are only made of natural fibres, absorbent cotton, and a waterproof layer. We don’t use silver nanoparticles or chemicals! 

The underwear: Our absorbent period underwear include ultra-thin anti-leak protection equal to a panty liner. That means you can use them alone or, if you want even more protection, with a removable pad as well. They’re made of:

  • 94% cotton and 6% lycra 

The waterproof layer is made of:

  • 1 thin layer of 100% cotton
  • 1 layer of cotton fleece
  • 1 waterproof, anti-leak layer of polyurethane laminated fabric

The 3 removable pads: Each of our washable menstrual pads protects against leaks just like a classic pad. If you insert a removable pad in your L’Ovaries, you’ll get unyielding protection even if you’ve got a heavy flow. Our pads are made of:

  • 1 thin layer of 100% cotton
  • 3 layers of cotton fleece
  • 1 anti-leak layer

The leak-proof carrying bags: Thanks to their two discrete compartments, these innovative accessories let you bring your period underwear kit on the go with no stress! One compartment’s for unused pads and the other’s for used. Say goodbye to plastic bags and that annoying crinkly sound you hear when you open new pads! Our carrying bags are as eco-friendly as they are subtle, and they’re made of:

  • 100% anti-leak polyester
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