These panties are worth 4 washable pads

Mme L’Ovary is an improved version of the cloth washable pad . This is the invention that combines the convenience of washable pads and the comfort of menstrual panties.

Safe and comfortable

Cloth sanitary pads, although an admirable eco-friendly alternative, often tend to shift forward and backward and vice versa. The snap fasteners that hold them in place can also be annoying, especially on a bike.

With Mme L’Ovary, there are no moving pads or uncomfortable buttons. The removable pad doesn’t move (yay!) and stays in place thanks to the insert pouch built into the panties.

No more pads that “clip” and move around in your panties.
Mme L’Ovary stays in place!

A winning composition

Our Mme L’Ovary panties are made of different types of fabrics placed in a precise order and design to create a maximum absorption while being leakproof.

They are made from cotton fleece, PUL (also used in washable cloth diapers) and an anti-leak fabric.

Built-in protections

Each Mme L’Ovary removable pad has the same efficiency as a regular cloth pad.

Our daytime panties also have built-in protection, the equivalent of a washable panty liner. If the removable pad is saturated and is not changed in time, the panty liner will be there to recover the “overflow”!

An alternative for the night

The night panties are equipped with several layers of fabric that are higher in front and behind the panties, allowing maximum absorption against nighttime leaks often caused by the horizontal position of our body… and gravity!


Version 3.0 of washable pads






Mme L’Ovary’s products changed my life, literally.
They’re comfortable panties where I feel good, and on top of that, they align with my waste reduction lifestyle.”

Laurence D.


“Great product!
Review by Julie L. on 9 Sep 2019review stating Super product!!

I’m very happy to have bought these panties. They are comfortable and absorbent.
Plus they’re sexy!
I will definitely order one more soon. Thank you!”

Julie. L


Nice values.

review stating I LOVE THEM.

Products of excellent quality and beautiful values created here in Quebec.
More comfortable than anything you could imagine!”

France T.